WiFi Mesh Networks

Have you recently purchased a new WiFi Mesh system and are dis-satisfied with the results of your investment? Well, you are not alone. Thought a mesh system can improve your WiFi signal and speed, it is more common that you see an much improved signal in your home or office but your download speed can suffer. Why does this happen? The reason is that the mesh nodes communicate to each other using the same WiFi signals that your devices use to connect to the internet. In a larger home or office it is always best to have a system designed and installed using multiple Access Points that are connected to the router by a network cable to ensure that all of the WiFi frequencies can be used by your devices…not another mesh node. Additionally, it is important to use Access Points that utilize Fast Roaming so your device switches between Access Points in milliseconds as you move around. Call Lightning Network Solutions, LLC today to discuss how we can help you solve your WiFi issues. 801-860-0022